ANZALS arranges a leisure studies conference to be hosted somewhere in either Australia or New Zealand every two years, usually during odd numbered years. For information about past conferences please click here.

ANZALS 12th Biennial conference,  2015, University of South Australia, Australia

Theme: Leisure as a Human Right

10 – 12 December 2015, Adelaide, South Australia Hosted by School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia   The right to access and participate in leisure is enshrined in a number of international conventions and declarations beginning with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) – Articles 24 & 31. While there has been global consensus that access to leisure is a human right, there still remain a number of challenges and issues that individuals, communities and nations face in relation to fulfilling this right. The focus of the conference is to provide an open and collegial environment where academics, early career researchers, students, policymakers and practitioners can come together to discuss and debate a variety of global and local issues. For example, Asia-Pacific island nations are under threat from the effects from climate change through rising sea levels and more extreme weather event. What role does Australia and NZ have in respect to providing support to island communities’ access to leisure, recreation and sport? In relation to culture, arts and tourism First Nations peoples continue to be exploited and used for profit-making purposes by more powerful organisations and corporations. What can and should be done to ensure fair and equitable trade of the intellectual and cultural property of the disempowered? Sport continues to be used as a tool through which ‘community development’ is being implemented. Is importing non-traditional sport activities ‘good’ for communities or is it a subtle form of imperialism cloaked in social justice rhetoric? To receive further information about the call for papers or delegate information, register your interest here:


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