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ANZALS Mission

ANZALS’ Mission is to encourage and support the development of leisure research and teaching through scholarly debate, the exchange of ideas and the publication of new knowledge, and through enhancing the profile of leisure studies, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

The purpose of ANZALS is to promote the further development of research and scholarship in leisure studies. In furtherance of this purpose, the objects of ANZALS are:

  • To facilitate scholarly debate and exchange of ideas and dissemination of knowledge in the study of leisure through the conduct of scholarly meetings, conferences and other activities.
  • To promote the publication of scholarly work.

  • To foster and facilitate liaison, communication and co-operation between Members and other interested parties.

  • To facilitate liaison with leisure studies organisations and other related entities.

  • To provide relevant comment, and advocate more effective leisure policies and programs to government, community and commercial agencies.

  • To promote high standards of leisure studies in the tertiary education sector.


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