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15th Biennial Australia and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies Conference 2021: Proudly hosted by Southern Cross University

When : Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 December 2021

Where : Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Conference theme

The ANZALS 2021 conference theme is “Gazing into the future of leisure: Possibilities and future directions”. This theme encourages scholars to consider questions around how leisure can contribute to pressing societal issues looking forward into the future. Possible sub- themes of the conference may include:

  • Will/how will leisure be re-shaped by late-modern gender egalitarianism movements such as #metoo?
  • how can leisure be leveraged to address pressing public policy issues such as increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases, mental health issues, and climate change?
  • leisure within diverse families
  • the future of tertiary leisure educational programs
  • impacts of digital disruption on leisure and co-creation of leisure experience with digital platforms
  • evolutions in research methods for leisure studies



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