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The Annals of Leisure Research (ALR) was established in 1998 as a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal, and its increasing status and demand from leisure studies scholars around the world has meant it is now published five times each year.

The entire content of the journal is available online via the Taylor & Francis website. ANZALS members gain free access to Annals of Leisure Research through the Members section of the ANZALS website.

Annals of Leisure Research publishes refereed articles which promote the development of research and scholarship in leisure studies. Although originating in Australasia, Annals is aimed at an international readership and seeks theoretical or applied articles which cover any topic within the broad area of leisure studies, including recreation, tourism, hospitality, the arts, outdoor recreation, events, entertainment, sport, culture and play.

Alongside research articles, the journal publishes critical commentaries on contemporary issues, book reviews, and reviews of classical books in the field.

The journal regularly publishes special issues on topical fields of study and anyone wishing to propose a special issue topic is encouraged to contact the Managing Editors, Associate Professor Belinda Wheaton and Professor Louise Mansfield, at alr@anzals.org.au.

Annals of Leisure Research replaced the biennial publication ANZALS Research Series, three volumes of which were published between 1993 and 1997. The three volumes of ANZALS Research Series, and the first five volumes of ALR were single issue volumes. As from 2003, the journal has been published quarterly and from 2019 five times per year.



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