The COVID-19 pandemic is a significant intellectual moment for scholars of leisure, who are well placed to address the socio-cultural, political and economic complexities of what leisure means in such a public health crisis, and beyond.

We certainly welcome submissions related to COVID-19 and leisure, and offer scholars the opportunity to contribute shorter research notes, as well as longer research articles. We ask authors to be mindful of the methodologies they employ, and particularly of adhering to the standard ethical considerations of their disciplines and institutions. We recognise the great diversity in ethics procedures both between institutions and internationally, and therefore ask that you include a clear ethics statement and/or commentary within the article or short section at the end.

While we are not calling for contributions to a special issue focused on the nexus of leisure and COVID-19, if we feel there is a coherent collection of articles based on rigorous and original research we may approach the authors of these articles to assess whether they see value in drawing their work together into such an issue. However, given the rapidly changing context we find ourselves in we do not anticipate this would be for at least the next six months.

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