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Dr’s Hazel Maxwell, Richard McGrath, Nicole Peel & Janette Young in collaboration with the Australian & NZ Association for Leisure Studies will be hosting an online launch of their Exploring the Leisure – Health Nexus edited book on Tuesday 4th October at 3pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

The book launch will include an opportunity for attendees to hear from the editorial team as well as chapter authors.

By exploring past, current, and future intersections between leisure and health, this book considers research and academic thought to reveal and critique the nuanced ways that leisure impacts health as well as considering how health professions use leisure as a ‘tool’.

Aided by the diverse chapters, readers will be challenged to explore future intersections between leisure and health using an overarching eco (ecological/environmental), bio(biological), psycho (psychological), social (sociological) lens.

In addition, the book:

  • Is cross disciplinary and demonstrates non-individualized framing of health (as per the WHO definition) giving readers a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of sociological frameworks, including ecobiopyschosocial, salutogenic, multi-species and criticalist.
  • Moves readers from an individual level understanding of interconnections between leisure and health through to a consideration of global issues (including a section on the impact and consequences of Covid-19).
  • Examines the nexus between leisure and health through a focus on a number of population groups including First Nations peoples, women, incarcerated people, migrants, people with disabilities, older people, and the human-animal interface.

The book will be of significant interest to researchers/academics/practitioners in the leisure, health, sport, tourism, recreation, events, social science, and arts disciplines.

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