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Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa (ALSA) will be hosting the 3rd International Hybrid Congress in Durban, South Africa.

In every city, the urban public spaces where people interact are key areas for innovation and partnerships for co-creating vibrant, healthy and inclusive neighbourhoods for the enjoyment of future generations.

To achieve desirable outcomes, there will be four areas of focus:

  • Collaboration and partnerships across sectors.
  • Well-thought-out plans, policies, and urban design across public spaces
  • Governance, transparency, and accountability of resources.
  • Design of enabling spaces to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The event is committed to creating new and specifically meaningful action which aligns with the overall theme of building back better. The approach to implementing smart and sustainable schemes in public spaces not only makes an enormous financial contribution to cities but enhances the long-term legacy for a sustainable future.

ALSA extends a warm invitation to a diverse cross-section of experts to present evidence-based research to build innovative, liveable, and sustainable public spaces. Please find further information https://bit.ly/454AmQf or submit an abstract https://bit.ly/3o90oBg

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