Special Issue for International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure 

Guest Editors: Richard Wright (Auckland University of Technology) and Richard Mitchell (Otago Polytechnic)

According to Kinsella (1982) the difference between achieving success and obtaining happiness in quite simple; success is getting what you want, whereas happiness is wanting what you get. The aim of this special edition is to further advance our critical understanding around the systematic, often selfish and self-indulgent pursuit of self-fulfillment and social belonging (i.e. the creation of social identity).

More specifically, as we all prepare ourselves for the aftermath of the COVID19 crisis, the guest editors wish to provide a suitable platform for scholars and practitioners alike to share memorable stories of occupational devotion and lifestyle entrepreneurial activity.

We are seeking insightful submissions that critically and creatively explore the theoretical principles and conceptual practices attached to ‘devotee work’ and/or lifestyle entrepreneurship. Potential topics could include, are not limited to;

•    Stories of occupational devotion (devotee work) and/or lifestyle entrepreneurship within the arts, sport, recreation, tourism, hospitality and/or events sector.
•    Stories exploring social capital creation and serious leisure consumption within the context of lifestyle entrepreneurship and/or occupational devotion.
•    Stories that explore the perceived, potential and proven impacts attached to the removal of the boundaries between work/business and leisure/play.
•    Stories that generate new knowledge and understanding around the systematic search for social capital, self-fulfillment and a healthier work-life balance (i.e. positive well-being).
•    Autobiographical narratives, autoethnography and other examples of creative analytical practice (CAP) are strongly encouraged (Berbary, 2015; Parry & Johnson, 2007).    

Abstract Deadline: 30th September 2020
Full Paper Deadline: 1st December 2020
Publication: Late 2021*

All papers will be submitted on the IJSL Editorial Manager system online. The average length of an article is approximately 7,500 words. Articles should be no shorter than 5,000 words and no longer than 12,000 words. Further information on style guidelines can be found on the IJSL website: https://www.springer.com/journal/41978

If you have any questions about the special issue, please contact one of the Richards: Richard Wright (richard.wright@aut.ac.nz) or Richard Mitchell (richard.mitchell@op.ac.nz)

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