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You are invited to join the Managing Safe Places for Leisure Webinar on 27/28 September. This is part of the WLO’s Leisure Management Special Interest Group’s webinar series.

The webinar will take place as a conversation with Professor Johnson to explore his experiences in the delivery of safe places for LGBTQIS2+ populations. The conversation will also explore how managing safe places principles can be applied in leisure experience delivery and research.

Professor Corey Johnson, the Karla A. Henderson Distinguished Professor of Social Justice at North Carolina State University, will share his experience and insights about power relations between dominant and non-dominant populations in the cultural context of leisure. The webinar’s focus on LGBTQIS2+ communities will discuss how leisure managers can deliver safe places for inclusive leisure experiences.

Register your interest to attend the webinar via this link:  https://bit.ly/3Di2cNz to get your Zoom link for the webinar. If the timing of the webinar does not suit you, a YouTube video will be provided several days after the webinar. Your registration will guarantee you are kept informed about the video of the webinar.

Date & Time:

  • 27 September (Western Hemisphere) – 2pm Americal Eastern Time Zone, 5pm Brazil, 10pm Bilbao
  • 28 Septmeber (Eastern Hemisphere) – 6am Eastern Australian Time Zone

More information about the Leisure Management SIG is available from https://www.worldleisure.org/leisure-management/

Photo by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈 on Unsplash

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