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UniSA Business is seeking applicants interested in pursuing a PhD to investigate wellbeing outcomes within the aquatic and recreation industry in Australia.

This project aims to investigate the impact on individual wellbeing through use of public aquatic and recreation centres in Australia. Through the use of mixed methods across multiple locations, the project expects to generate new knowledge on the effect on users of different management and service models for the provision of aquatic and recreational infrastructure.

Expected outcomes include a quantifiable measure of social and emotional wellbeing that can be utilised by centre management and government. This will help assessment of best practice for maximising community wellbeing and can guide investment decisions by state and local government.

Contact Associate Professor Ian O’Boyle for more details: Ian O’Boyle Ian.OBoyle@unisa.edu.au.

More information: https://www.unisa.edu.au/research/Research-degrees/Scholarships/exploring-wellbeing-outcomes-in-the-aquatic-and-recreation-industry/

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