ANZALS has established Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to facilitate communication and collaboration between ANZALS members working in similar areas. They are also intended to provide a vehicle for the organisation of the annual conferences.

The aims of ANZALS SIG’s are to:

  • Support research and teaching,
  • Encourage and enable collaboration between academics and practitioners in the fields related to SIG topics,
  • Encourage submission of papers to ANZALS Biennial conferences as well as other ANZALS symposium/events,
  • Promote opportunities for members to engage in regional events (hosted by ANZALS or like-minded partners),
  • Provide an avenue for researchers to have draft papers informally reviewed by members,
  • Encourage and support postgraduate research in the fields related to SIG topics.

To become a member of an ANZALS Special Interest Group contact a Co-Conveners to indicate your interest.

We are also seeking applications to establish additional ANZALS Special Interest Groups. For information about establishing an ANZALS Special Interest Groups contact vicepresident@anzals.org.au

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