ANZALS celebrates 25 years

This year ANZALS celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

The establishment of ANZALS is due to the commitment of a team of leisure academics at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) including Paul Jonson, Tony Veal, Bruce Hayllar and Rob Lynch. In 1990 the UTS team wrote to Australian and New Zealand universities involved with leisure studies seeking the establishment of an association. A preliminary meeting was held at Phillip Institute of Technology (to become part of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in early 1991 with 12 academics from six universities. The association was established at the Sydney World Leisure Congress in July 1991 by adopting its constitution (drafted by Paul Jonson) and holding its first Annual General Meeting (Lynch & Veal, 2015).

Lynch, R. & Veal, AJ, 2015, ANZALS History, ANZALS Website, Retrieved from

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