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ECR published paper 2015

ANZALS Best Publication – Early Career Researcher

Applications for the prize close on September 1st 2015.

ANZALS Best Publication Early Career Researcher (ECR) Award is a biennial prize awarded to an early career researcher (within five years of PhD graduation) who is first author on a published peer reviewed journal article that makes a unique contribution to the Leisure Studies field. Papers from a team of ECR authors will also be considered.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. A copy of the published or accepted article must be submitted. Articles for consideration should be published or accepted for publication in a peer reviewed leisure related journal on a leisure related topic. Evidence of acceptance must be provided if the article is not yet published.

2. The ECR applicant must be the first author for the article and have a written statement from co-authors (who are not ECRs) that they support the lead author’s application. A team of ECR authors of an article may also apply in a single application. Applicants may only present one paper for consideration. Previous winners of the ANZALS ECR Award will not be eligible for a second award.

3. To be eligible for the prize applicants must:
a. Be a current 2015 ANZALS member;
b. Within five years of graduation from their PhD or Masters degree. Written evidence of the date that the degree was awarded or current enrolment status must be provided.
c. Have an accepted paper for presentation at the 2015 ANZALS Conference.

4. The award will be administered by an Award Panel, appointed by the Board and consisting of at least three people, including a Board member as chair. The assessment criteria for the award are:
a. Value of topic area, research problem or approach in context of leisure studies in Australia / New Zealand.
b. Value of contribution in relation to leisure theory, methodology or applied focus.

5. The Award will be granted to the first author of the best published article, or the ECR team of authors, which, in the opinion of the Panel, makes the most valuable contribution to the development of leisure studies. The contribution may be theoretical, methodological or applied in focus.

6. The Awards will consist of a certificate and reimbursement of the full cost of registration for the ANZALS conference. If the Award is granted to a team of ECR authors, the cost of only one conference registration will be awarded to the first author. The Co-Authors will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution to the ECR Award paper if they also meet the requirements listed in point 3 above.

7. The winner will be invited to present their work at the conference.

8. In any one judgement period, the Award may not be made if the Panel is of the view that none of the articles submitted is of sufficient merit.

9. The panel may decide to provide the Award to more than one author.

10. The applicant must provide the following materials via email:
a. Copy of the final article with evidence that it has been published or accepted for publication.
b. Letter of support from co-authors that they support the application from the first author.
c. Proof of their ECR status.
d. Proof that they have a paper accepted to present at the ANZALS conference.

Please send Award application materials to:

Dr Ruth Jeanes

Faculty of Education, Monash University
Email Ruth.Jeanes@monash.edu

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