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World Leisure Journal Call for Commentaries: Global South Leisure Perspectives

This section of the World Leisure Journal will welcome commentaries of up to 3000 words from scholars based in the Global South. It will aim to evidence the diversity related to leisure practices and concepts beyond the Eurocentric, Anglophonic and Global North world. Recognising that colonial narratives in leisure studies have been privileged, it will open spaces to decentralise and decolonise academic thinking.

Decentralising academic thinking is to consider different realities and points of view. It is to seek a balance of stories and narratives to minimise stereotypes. Decolonising academic thinking is how we rethink and reframe research, curriculum, and educational practices that have traditionally upheld Eurocentric, Anglophonic, and pro-colonial views.

According to Mahler (2018, p. 32), the term Global South aims “to address spaces and peoples negatively impacted by globalisation”, including subjugated peoples. To Boaventura de Souza Santos (2012), the term Global South focuses on concepts of counter-hegemonic democracy and southern epistemologies situated in practices and knowledge that differ from the hegemonic North. Considering the notion and boundaries of Global South are open to debate and fluid, those willing to contribute to this section should explain/frame why/how their specific case is aligned to the concept. 

This peer-reviewed section of the World Leisure Journal aims to share epistemological perspectives, cases and ideas relevant for, or emerging in the Global South. It will contribute to broadening leisure knowledge by considering other concepts, such as the “Buen Vivir” and “Ubuntu”. Indigenous knowledge and philosophies emerging from the historical, social, economic, cultural and environmental complexities of the Global South are welcome.

Drafts of the papers should be initially submitted to one of the following Editorial Board Members:

Jose Manuel Alvarez Seara: josmanu3@gmail.com

Thaís Costa da Silva: thais_unirio@yahoo.com.br;

Driselda Patricia Sánchez Aguirre: drispaty@gmail.com

Sreetheran Maruthaveeran: sreetheran@upm.edu.my

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

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